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Shaikh Muhammad Alarifi Friday Khutba,19,02,1433, My sights in Syria

The Syrian System threatened Shaikh Muhammad Al-Arifi and other speakers and scholars to be killed. They are threatened by kidnapping their families, burning their houses because of their campaign of giving victory to Syria on different TV channels such as Iqra, Al-Weesal, Safa, Al-Burhan, Al-Hikmah, Syrian Nation TV and others . Imams and scholars were also threatened in case they left Saudi Arabia to be tortured like they are torturing Syrian imams inside Syria. And he said in an interview,

It is an honor for me to die for the sake of Allah and for giving victory for our sisters and brothers in Syria. Is there a greater and more honourable death that the death for the sake of Allah. What a humiliated life that a man hold into when his sisters are being raped and his brothers are oppressed and their dignity and religion is trampled over. Is there a bigger shirk than their saying there is no God but Bashar, we wont be silent on that till we give our souls for the sake of this cause.

And he was asking the muslim in Syria to forgive him although he is doing great efforts and programmes and visits to victim families. So he added: “My brothers and sisters in Syria, you might think I left my home safe and I am sitting on the sofa in a studio while you are suffering torture, killing and hunger and that I am just saying some words and then I will go and enjoy my life. I swear by Allah that what your selves feel of sadness and oppression because of what is falling upon you because of this oppressor, I swear that what you feel of sadness, my heart feels greater sadness than yours. If you cry blood we cry on you also blood. What shall we do, if we can come to you armed, our souls are cheap for the sake of defending our religion first and then defending our brothers. Allah The most Glorious said:

And if they seek help from you in the matter of religion then it is your duty to help (them)” [Al-Anfal: 72]

We will come to you because it is a divine order that is duty on us . It is divine obligation on us to come to you to give you victory. However, we are prevented from what our souls crave for , if we can by Allah offer more than what we are offering now such as Friday speeches for you, duaa, prayer in occasions of ead, tv programmes. I swear if me and my brothers can offer for you greater than what we are doing now we will do!!! Guide us my brothers what we can do, if we can send you army to defend yourselves and your honour, we will do. If I can enter with an army, I will come to fall this oppressor. We do not wait the NATO and kufur states to give victory to our brothers, it is our duty to give you victory. I speak to my brothers, and to every woman whose son was killed, and to every virgin in Al-sham who was raped by those villains, to every father and brother whose honour was violated, and to every husband who was separated from his wife, to every orphan, and to every woman who is like a widow because her husband was prisoned for years. I tell all those that we hope if I can give you victory as much as I can. I wish I can come to these prisons in which the dirty and his thugs prisoned our virtuous sisters and virtuous , pious brothers open the doors of these prisons and put in it those oppressors. However, we cannot, forgive us as we are trying to do our best. By Allah, we have been threatened by this wanton system….(as mentioned above), however, I put all these threatens under my feet. If this matter of death will happen to us for the sake of Allah, and for the sake of giving our sisters and brothers victory. We welcome this death. Is there more honourable death than giving your body and soul for the sake of Allah.Is there a more humiliated life than the life in wich a man hold with his hands even if his sisters were raped, his brothers oppressed and the dignity of their religion was trampled over. And they were called to shirk and forced to say there is no God but this wanton, pig. Are we going to be silent on this, no by Allah even if we give our souls for that.”

May Allah bless and protect prof. Muhammad Al-Arifi and increase his examples and forgive our shortcoming in Syria of defending our brothers and sister in Chechen, Georgia, Al-Ahwaz, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Darfur ….as it has been separated between us and between giving them victory because of our wanton systems!!!


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